The Konmari Method

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It’s time to end the tyranny

of things.


All that’s gross

will be tossed.

Half the stuff

is enough.


Family members who tend to hoard

will be thrown overboard.


You’re allowed to destroy

all that fails to spark joy,

and you will have to drop

unrealistic expectations

while you conquer your space

and rebuild your foundations.


The clutter on show

is the source of your pain;

you must let it go

then you’ll breathe once again.

Spread it all on the floor

and consider its volume;

then imagine right there

a relaxing, clean vacuum.


The room’s in a jumble,

you’re going to stumble.

You’re feeling the urge

the closet to purge,

but please do not start

too near to your heart.


The meaningless clothes

will first leave the nook;

then off to the rows

of precious, dear books.

Then paper and bills;

by now you can safely

address your mementos

without grieving painfully.


Get rid of the mess

of goods in excess.

Recycle, donate

but don’t ruminate.


You need only do this

once and for all;

what’s left then is You,

your self-made Future,

the white canvas of a wall.


The Invention of the Internet

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Once, in my childhood home

I sat on the floor

foreseeing my future self.

Wisdom is the meaning of my name,

so I longed to be an intellectual.

Scientist, poet, artist;

anything would do.

I believed, I confess, I would always

hold an advantage on others

because I had bothered

to read all the books.

But later, a vase of pandora

was opened by some IT fool

who failed to see the implications,

and suddenly all the

knowledge in the world

poured onto my head

and I was overwhelmed

by a tidal wave of facts.

They were just too much,

sickly sweet like

fruit tea saturated with sugar.

I was lost in amazement,

agonizing and gasping:

I’ve heard it is called

information overload.

This is the bitter story of how

Google ruined my life.

The Prisoners

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My kind lives long enough
to achieve wisdom.
I’ve travelled the Universe
for eons, crossing paths
with countless species;
but I found Terrestrials
to be a most peculiar race.

They spend their fleeting lives
trapped in phantom cages
they build for themselves,
willing prisoners of
choices not made
or inability
to delay gratification.

They endure decades of
dull, hidden pain
to avoid the discomfort
of one single
embarrassing moment.

And to think that all it takes
for the penance to cease
is to say “no”
at the right time.

“No” is the password
to freedom, fulfillment
and health.
Bu so are Humans:
a helpless, pathetic breed.



You’re shutting down,
curled in a ball of hate.
They say you lost your marbles
on the way to education.
The doctor has shrunk into a patient.
They say you’re mad.
The sheep are still down under,
but they’re all dead:
they haunt the fields,
depopulating the land.
The green pasture of expectations
withers and crumbles,
lava floods
an empty landscape with no end.
A picture where the bride
throws the bouquet
for a girl to grab
like a legacy of faulty genes.
A summer camp child
praised by everybody
has now gone off
like flowers on a tombstone.

The Parvenu

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Religion, homeland and family
lazy who lives on a salary
all in your lobby
take up a hobby
join them at the shooting gallery.

Driving in your SUV
makes you feel so very free
gold in your drawer
money offshore
time for a new shopping spree.

Your wife now fancies a pug
something that looks like a thug
dobermans do
rottweilers, too
growling they drool on your rug.

Pay cash-in-hand for the aid
of an old immigrant maid
ask she can please
vacuum the fleas
and clean the poo that they made.

You obstentate many things
so people know you’re right-wing
you live in the fear
that men not from here
will break in and steal all your bling.

Trying to look civilized
but class can’t be improvised
not at you age
when to turn a page
you must have your thumb moisturized.

The Underachiever

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Are you devising a scheme
or will you just go with the stream
follow your peers
all through the years
wearing a second-hand dream


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Drink eat sit type sit
Work sit eat sit work sit
Drive sit eat lay still
Sleep drink sleep sit till
Death breaks the habit