Black Hole Reads


black hole readsOnce the downsizing process was complete, the ridiculous mass of hundreds of volumes had collapsed into the black hole of an e-reader. Sadly, stories and thoughts can’t escape from it because of the immense gravitational pull. Survivors camp in a double row on the remaining shelves, swearing at the God of Decluttering that made orphans out of them.

My SF books reviews:

Black Hole Reads: Foundation - Foundation is the first volume of Isaac Asimov’s well-known series. In the book, psychohistory is a discipline whose goal is to predict future events through a mathematical model applied to large groups of people. Such an approach adds up to the originality of the novel, because its focus is not on the quest of a hero but…
Black Hole Reads: Stranger in a Strange Land - Valentine Michael Smith is born during a mission to the red planet, and gets raised by the Martians. When a human airship comes and takes him back to the Earth 25 years later, he’s completely innocent and confused, knows nothing about his own people and planet and has to learn everything from scratch. Also, he finds himself with…
Black Hole Reads: Gods of Riverworld - The final chapter of The Magic Labyrinth looked like a happy ending: every obstacle seemed to have been overcome, but it was by no means so. Nothing was solved. Our eight heroes have settled in the tower, deeply paranoid and haunted by an ubiquitous past. Moreover, they now have to face the responsibility that comes along with power. The enemy was defeated,…
Black Hole Reads: The Magic Labyrinth - This is the book in which all puzzles are solved except one: what happens to the wathans after they finally break free from the reincarnation cycle? However, the expedition gets inside the tower and the identities of the mysterious stranger, X, is revealed, as well as that of the Operator. I think the description of the boat battle is too long…
Black Hole Reads: The Dark Design - Resurrections have stopped in the Rivervalley, and someone is starting to notice there are very few people who died after 1983. Some new characters are introduced, and some of the old are not quite what they claim to be.
Black Hole Reads: The Real Story - Let’s face it: this book is BDSM porn disguised as science fiction. A few sex scenes can contribute to make a story more realistic, but as I hit page 70 I realised there had hardly been anything else so far. It’s a pity, because the style is flowing and quite concise, and I appreciate the originality in adopting the bad guy’s point of…
Black Hole Reads: Ender’s Game - In a future scenario where couples are denied the right to give birth to more than two children, the exceeding ones are recruited and trained as soldiers who will serve in the forthcoming alien war. Six-year-old Ender enters the Battle School: the boy is a natural leader, but before he can fully develop his potentiality…
Black Hole Reads: The Fabulous Riverboat - Sam Clemens, alias Mark Twain, is devoted to his project of becoming the captain of a steamboat, and spend the rest of his second life sailing up The River. His alter ego, a mighty but good-hearted giant, is always on his side.
Black Hole Reads: To Your Scattered Bodies Go - British explorer Richard Francis Burton gets killed in 1890. He wakes up on the banks of a river, naked and rejuvenated. He’s not alone: thousands of people from every historical period are being raised from the dead at the same time.

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