Black Hole Reads: The Real Story


Let’s face it: this book is BDSM porn disguised as science fiction.
A few sex scenes can contribute to make a story more realistic, but as I hit page 70 I realised there had hardly been anything else so far.

It’s a pity, because the style is flowing and quite concise, and I appreciate the originality in adopting the bad guy’s point of view: however, I find it disturbing to be in the maniac’s mind  all the time. I decided to endure until the end because of these two features and also because it was only 158 pages.

Well, I was rewarded. The value of this novel is in the last few chapter, where it becomes clear that the author is playing with the traditional triangle of drama roles, mixing them up. He writes extensively about this in the afterword, where he also deals with the creative process and explains how he got inspiration from Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

The Real Story is part of Stephen R. Donaldson’s Gap saga. I might try and read more of the series, just to see if they’re all alike, but not now. For the moment, I think I’ll dive again into that Riverworld – pun intended – for a while.


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