The Konmari Method

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It’s time to end the tyranny

of things.


All that’s gross

will be tossed.

Half the stuff

is enough.


Family members who tend to hoard

will be thrown overboard.


You’re allowed to destroy

all that fails to spark joy,

and you will have to drop

unrealistic expectations

while you conquer your space

and rebuild your foundations.


The clutter on show

is the source of your pain;

you must let it go

then you’ll breathe once again.

Spread it all on the floor

and consider its volume;

then imagine right there

a relaxing, clean vacuum.


The room’s in a jumble,

you’re going to stumble.

You’re feeling the urge

the closet to purge,

but please do not start

too near to your heart.


The meaningless clothes

will first leave the nook;

then off to the rows

of precious, dear books.

Then paper and bills;

by now you can safely

address your mementos

without grieving painfully.


Get rid of the mess

of goods in excess.

Recycle, donate

but don’t ruminate.


You need only do this

once and for all;

what’s left then is You,

your self-made Future,

the white canvas of a wall.

9 thoughts on “The Konmari Method

      • Yes, in fits and starts. *lol* I stay at it for a few days, then I go back to “normal”, then I start again … That cluttered desk and stool on your photo reminds me of my own home. But I have adopted your words as my new mantra: “Half the stuff/ is enough!” Indeed it is.

        BTW, are you really throwing family members overboard? It sounds a bit harsh … maybe they can learn new habits too. 😉

      • According to Marie kondo’s book you should do one big decluttering session and you’re done for life. This should prevent relapses. Let’s see if it works…
        No, I’m not throwing people out. I’ll wait until they too “evolve”, and in the meantime set a good example.

  1. The last line reminded of a song which has great lyrics. It’s called “Work of Art” by Demi Lovato, I think….

    I love how you make it easy to envision everything in detail and to connect to your train of thoughts.

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