Black Hole Reads: Ender’s Game


In a future scenario where couples are denied the right to give birth to more than two children, the exceeding ones are recruited and trained as soldiers who will serve in the forthcoming alien war. Six-year-old Ender enters the Battle School: the boy is a natural leader, but before he can fully develop his potentiality he has to defeat bullying and adult idiocy with his cleverness as his only resource.

I decided to read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card after reading a review on BluChickenNinja’s blog. The novel is an enjoyable young adult sci-fi, although I had a bit of a deja-vu: especially in the first part, the pattern of the story is a little harrypotterish. To its credit, the book dates back to 1985, so obviously it was no way inspired by the young wizard.

The climax and ending are brilliant. I didn’t feel the need to continue to the sequel, because it’s such a well crafted story that it’s complete in itself. It can be read as a standalone book.


Screenshot from the 2013 film based on Ender’s Game (image source)

Ender’s Game was recently made into a movie. Disappointingly, the reason behind the school strict discipline is known from the beginning in the film, while in the book the truth is concealed by the adults until the crucial moment. Such a pity, because that unexpected revelation at the right point really enhanced the novel.

Beware, this book could lead to two false assumptions:

1) Because you’re good at video games you qualify to save the world.

2) Rants in a forum or blog by a nobody can influence public opinion and condition international politics.


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