The Invention of the Internet

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Once, in my childhood home

I sat on the floor

foreseeing my future self.

Wisdom is the meaning of my name,

so I longed to be an intellectual.

Scientist, poet, artist;

anything would do.

I believed, I confess, I would always

hold an advantage on others

because I had bothered

to read all the books.

But later, a vase of pandora

was opened by some IT fool

who failed to see the implications,

and suddenly all the

knowledge in the world

poured onto my head

and I was overwhelmed

by a tidal wave of facts.

They were just too much,

sickly sweet like

fruit tea saturated with sugar.

I was lost in amazement,

agonizing and gasping:

I’ve heard it is called

information overload.

This is the bitter story of how

Google ruined my life.


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