You’re shutting down,
curled in a ball of hate.
They say you lost your marbles
on the way to education.
The doctor has shrunk into a patient.
They say you’re mad.
The sheep are still down under,
but they’re all dead:
they haunt the fields,
depopulating the land.
The green pasture of expectations
withers and crumbles,
lava floods
an empty landscape with no end.
A picture where the bride
throws the bouquet
for a girl to grab
like a legacy of faulty genes.
A summer camp child
praised by everybody
has now gone off
like flowers on a tombstone.


10 thoughts on “Insanity

      • I know people don’t want pity in situations like this
        but I still can’t help but wanting to tell you that I feel sorry for you and that things might turn out okay when you give them enough time.
        I sure hope they do.

  1. skyllairae

    I love the progression in this poem! Amazing imagery and the depictions of the going off. I’m a huge fan of devastating poems and this is a really nice one.

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