New Feature: Black Hole Reads


If you’re a WordPress user, you know: running a blog is not like keeping a journal. It means writing for the benefit of others. This involves some planning, which is better done if you know what your potential readers are likely to find interesting and/or useful. So, bloggers take a look at the stats page from time to time.

Yesterday, the stats gave me a startling revelation: while my poetry posts attracted a decent amount of traffic, the visits to my book reviews sum up to a little over zero.

Something is very wrong here. Dear readers, why have you been wasting your time reading my sloppy poems while a world of fine literature awaits you on the shelves of the www? Go explore!

You need more books. This is why, contrary to what I said in a previous post about downsizing my reading goals, I’ve added a new book-related feature to this blog. I am proud to introduce Black Hole Reads!


The series will recur bimonthly and the focus will be on science fiction. Reviews will feature works by Philip J. Farmer, Robert A. Heinlein, Orson Scott Card, Stephen R. Donaldson and Isaac Asimov. The first issue is already out and will take you to a planet where bedbugs don’t bite.

Want to Read? Go for quality!


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