The Parvenu

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Religion, homeland and family
lazy who lives on a salary
all in your lobby
take up a hobby
join them at the shooting gallery.

Driving in your SUV
makes you feel so very free
gold in your drawer
money offshore
time for a new shopping spree.

Your wife now fancies a pug
something that looks like a thug
dobermans do
rottweilers, too
growling they drool on your rug.

Pay cash-in-hand for the aid
of an old immigrant maid
ask she can please
vacuum the fleas
and clean the poo that they made.

You obstentate many things
so people know you’re right-wing
you live in the fear
that men not from here
will break in and steal all your bling.

Trying to look civilized
but class can’t be improvised
not at you age
when to turn a page
you must have your thumb moisturized.


One thought on “The Parvenu

  1. An amazingly vivid description, I could quite well picture the class and lifestyle and worldview that you describe, though I’m quite far from it – great job!

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