The Underachiever

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Are you devising a scheme
or will you just go with the stream
follow your peers
all through the years
wearing a second-hand dream


14 thoughts on “The Underachiever

  1. Wow! That is a poem I wish I had written. It’s very much the style that I like and that I attempt myself. And the topic appeals to me personally as your poem describes precisely what I’m trying to avoid.

      • You conveyed a lot, your poem is rich with meanings. Yes, I’m not a fan of conformism. Especially not a dull eight-to-five job, a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence and a husband and kids. Nope.

      • For me it’s more complicated. While writing that poem I was actually thinking about 3 or 4 different situations simultaneously. Maybe I should expand them into short stories.

      • Or into poems! It would be interesting to read about other angles, points of views or interpretations. For me, the poem appeals to me especially on the personal/professional level, as I recently divorced, moved and will hopefully soon finish my doctorate and start a proper working career – so these are the aspects where I’m trying to go other than the conventional, stereotypical way…

      • The events you’ve been through were, at least, the chance for a reality check. When things are going reasonably well it’s easy to fall prey to a deteriorating routine.

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