Haiku no.2


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I made a discovery today, as I was about to press the “publish” button: haiku is not supposed to have a title! “Stuck” would have been a good caption, but I want to stick to the rules. And now? How should I title my posts? The first solution that popped into my mind was numbering them. Quite dull and anonymous, but functional. Since I’ve already written one for the Writing 201: Poetry course, I’m starting with number 2.

Haiku no.2

I sit on a chair

like a fossil drawing up

a map for nowhere.


2 thoughts on “Haiku no.2

  1. Don’t use devices
    if you follow haiku rules.
    That’s for poetry.

    If you are going to follow rules for haiku – well why?
    But if you are, you broke an important one rule anyway, no poetic devices and you used a simile. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
    Write what matters to you and feels right in the 17 syllables. And note that modern haiku, in English, isn’t all that rigid on the syllables.

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