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Hello guys, I’m Hadley. Hadley is not my real name, I made it up.

I’ve already talked about why I blog anonymously in the Info page and summarized my present situation in About me, but it’s all gibberish, you know. Moreover, my taking part in various WordPress writing courses has brought along a number of followers, and it feels just right now to tell people something more about the person behind this ugly anatomy logo.

Some random facts about me:

I love comedy. There’s nothing better than a silly videoclip to stimulate you brain and put it under the illusion that it’s still alive after many years of sitting at a terminal. I’m not a cheerful person, but in spite of that – and maybe, because of this – I appreciate humour. “Send in the clowns” is the epitaph I want to be carved on my tombstone.

I read a lot. A former literature student, I used to have a huge collection of books, which I read avidly and uninterruptedly since age 2 and a half. Yes, I was a precocious child: but being born in a house where paper was mainly used for wrapping groceries, and newspaper for cleaning windows without leaving a halo, I soon found myself with nothing to read and turned to the dictionary. I started with encyclopedias and ended with children’s books. Tastes change overtime, and even nerdiness becomes boring after a while.

Now, the ridiculous mass of hundreds of volumes has collapsed into the black hole of an e-reader. Sadly, stories and thoughts can’t escape from it because of the immense gravitational pull. Survivors camp in a double row on the remaining shelves, swearing at the God of Decluttering that made orphans out of them.

I’m fascinated by epiphanies. I’m not sure if this is the right word. I tend to see connections that seem so obvious to me, but others have no clue what I’m talking about. Like, a poet who finds the right word. Meeting the right person for that specific project. Discovering a new band/place/hobby at the right time in your life. Hearing one particular song when you are in the mood for it. Seeing faces in a landscape. And book spine poetry, it’s so me.

And now, if it was Blogging 101 that brought you here, you might want to know what to expect before you even consider following This Hideous Heart.

What you might find in this blog:

  • Poems and short stories
  • Rants about the place I live in, which I dislike and where I’m forced to stay due to family ties and responsibility.
  • Rants about random people
  • Alternative life plans that I keep making in spite of the fact that I’ll never, ever get away from here. One has to have a plan B. And C, D,E…
  • Memories. But it’s not a journal.

What you are not likely to find:

  • Kittens
  • How-to’s and information that you can actually use in real life
  • Dieting and fashion
  • Parenting. I have no clue about these things.

Basically, I set up this blog as a “test site” for assignments of the courses of WordPress Blogging University courses. Then, it became a place for everything that is not hiking related, and therefore doesn’t fit in my main blog. In the other blog I write about what I do in the great outdoors. The other blog is for the healthy, sporty person who tries to squeeze every second out of the few hours a week she can truly be herself; this one is for the frustrated office clerk who lives 5/7 of her life nailed to a desk, staring at a screen. The other is informative, this one is creative; the other is about content, this one is (also) about the process. From the other one, a reader can gather from photos and pieces of information where I live, and there’s even a picture (shot from behind) and my forename in the about page; here, everything has to be incognito, so I can feel free to write without restrictions.

The other story happens outside, disconnected and unplugged. This is a blog for what happens inside.


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