Found Poetry: A Book Spine Trilogy

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  • Book spine poem no.1

Homo Ludens, declutter your life:
reduce stress, increase productivity,
and enjoy your clutter-free life.
House made of dawn, guns,
germs and steel, the time machine,
the stolen bacillus and
other incidents.
A dangerous fortune consuming life:
heft, the heart of the matter.
A place called freedom where I’m
calling from. Zero zero zero
paper money supernotes,
no logo under the skin.
The shining lonely planet.

  • Book spine poem no.2

Lie down with lions
at the Mountains of Madness
in Patagonia.
And the mountains echoed:
“Someday this pain will be
useful to you!”

  • Book spine poem no.3

Twelve years a slave
of human bondage.


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