Ode to a Handkerchief


Neatly pressed and folded into a square
Whenever the weather is being unstable
Should I need it, I will find it there
Clean and ready on the bedside table.
When pollen is spreading through the night
And mucus has already formed a spot
I know no way that impulse to abort
Then a sneeze explodes in all its might.
In my hanky I will tie a knot
So no one can say I forgot
How gladly it gave me its support.

I do realize tissues are convenient
Right after use they can be thrown away
Traditional ones are much more resilient
But they have to be dragged around all day.
On the other hand, for nature I do care;
I have to consider cloth can be reused
It’s cheaper to the wallet and gentler to the nose
I’ll spread around bacteria, but the Earth won’t be abused.
I throw it in that basket there
With dirty white underwear
Of no litter I have to dispose.

Help me, O Hanky! Against the hay fever
I need you to gather your absorbing power
Before this trickle grows into a river
Then you can lie down, all creased like a flower
Inside a nice and comfortable pocket
Enjoying a hero’s well deserved rest
For having so effectively silenced my snore
While stopping some snot that took off like a rocket.
As long as my nostrils and chest
Are feeling again at their best
For now you can stay in the drawer.

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