A Day at the Office

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Printing a document previously scanned
So that I can go and scan it again
Go paperless
Is great unless
Managers have a dinosaur brain.

This is so boring I fancy a nap
All that is said needs a written recap
Sending a note
Where I requote
What I’ve just said on the phone to the chap.

It’s kind of hard to deal with frustration
When people haven’t received your quotation
Calling a firm
Just to confirm
That we received their confirmation.

Looks like an office, feels like a jail
Checking bank statements, dumping email
Collecting credit
Documents to edit
Paying attention to every detail.


7 thoughts on “A Day at the Office

    • I really can’t rebel. There are unwritten rules and habits that can’t be changed. Business communication is structured in a way that you have to do things twice even when logic tells you it’s absolutely redundant. Also, I meant to be ironic about the fact that more devices we have access to, the more paper we tend to waste. The original idea was to do exactly the opposite, wasn’t it?

      • Before retiring I worked at organizational change process. A lot is in the detail that you have captured so beautifully in words and pictures. At the moment there is a free Future Learn course running that addresses a lot of the frustration. My words, not theirs. They are looking at the changes the minor minions can make that actually matter a lot, and how etc. It is called School for Radicals Although it has already started and although it is aimed at UK health services, their free material and workbooks are loaded with ways to make changes and, as they say, “rock the boat but stay in it”. If this is irrelevant to you, no problem, I just like sharing when I find something that works for me.

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