The New Me Goes Shopping



Yes, I know dried fruit and nuts might contain preservatives. I am aware that cereals have added sugar, not just added vitamins. I do realize that a low-fat yogurt would be a healtier option than Greek yogurt, although this one claims to have 0% fat (really? So how it’s so thick?). And I suspect the healthiest way to rehydrate after exercise, at least at my early stage of training, is plain water rather than sport drinks. But still, it’s better than the chips full of salt and lip-scorching, tongue-irritating monosodium glutamate I usually buy on impulse at lunchtime.

Of course, this is not my regular grocery shopping. This is only meant to be a snack stock for the office cupboard, and was the result of a rewarding trip to the supermarket after completing a 45′ running session (3′ walk and 6′ run for 5 times) during lunch break.

So, after years of sitting in front of a PC, I’m finally exercising on weekdays. I’m finally eating healthy again. What led to this amazing change? I run because I don’t want to end up like my father, dying the death genetics has had in stock for me since the beginning. I run to be healthy and increase my life expectancy. I run and I hope to be faster than the speed at which cholesterol is building up in my arteries.

The fear of heart disease was behind many choices since I was 11, the year dad became ill at a relative young age. I then swore to myself I’d never smoke; at 14 I declared fast food was crap; at 19 I turned down a joint; at 20 I saw getting drunk was not worth the dizziness; at 30 I decided hiking was way better than hanging out in town. No surprise, then: running is a choice that’s consistent with all the previous ones.

If you see with your own eyes what the Western way of life does to people, and do nothing, you’re a moron. If someone close to you dies, and you still don’t modify your lifestyle, then you must be stupid. What are we waiting for? Does it take until we die, too, in order to finally learn the lesson?

In the meantime, true change tastes like banana.


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