George R. R. Martin is Alive and Well – and Planning Revenge!

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

George R. R. Martin is not far gone. He’s writing, so stop tampering him.

In this interview to the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger two days ago, he said he’s fed up with people who express an insincere concern about his health, hinting he might not live to complete his saga. And he is giving them the finger! According to this blog, the concept has been restated also through his agent, using a graphic language.

He might be a little overweight, but at 65 he is certainly not decrepit. Stop jinxing it. It’s creepy and thoughtless to suggest he’s got one foot in the grave. Personally, I’m rather worried that I might pass before A Dream of Spring is finished.

The author said he obviously will wrap the novels up, but he’ll do it in a way they’ll be sorry for having hurried him to finish writing. He’s threatening to take revenge by writing such an ending that will leave everybody puzzled and disappointed. Will he do it, or is it just a warning? I think this is his last, extreme attempt to tell us: look, you have no clue what the creative process is. I’m an artist. I’m not paid by the paragraph. Stop treating me like a pack-horse. First he has told us not to borrow from his universe to create fan fiction, and write our own stories instead. Then he has threatened to kill a Stark the next time someone asks him: “When is the book done?”. Now, enough is enough: it took a strong statement to shoo away the vultures looming over him.

As a huge GoT fan who has devoured all the books in a few weeks after seeing the first two episodes of season one, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m dying to know what happens next. On the other hand, every time a sequel comes out of a book or film I liked, I’m always worried it might be not as good as the previous one. Especially when the first was a big success, because the author might be tempted to rest on his laurels. This is not the case with the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, a safe bet for quality fiction. Anyway, just don’t piss him off, guys: he has already said he has half a mind to employ a meteorite to wipe out Westeros and Essos if people keep pushing him.


You don’t want to wake up the dragon, do you?

I was worried that he could be somewhat influenced by expectations, pressure from readers urging him to complete the novels, the TV show catching up with the books, fan theories on internet forums (a summary can be found here), and so on: but that’s not happening. George R. R. Martin is making it clear that he is an author, not an employee, and he writes what he wants, when he wants. And not only he’s going to finish: he’s looking forward to the end of it, so that he’ll be able to move on to further projects with less pressing expectations and no deadline.


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