The Power of Creation

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Dear Aspiring Novelist,

please remember you were made by God in His likeness. As an artist, you have also received as a bonus the power of crafting not just stories, but entire worlds. Let me compare this to the miracle of Creation, only at a much smaller scale; a humble, homemade Genesis.

Don’t waste this invaluable power you’ve been given free of charge, writing mainstream young adult fiction. The world doesn’t need another teenage vampire. Celebrate life instead. Do it to the glory of the Ultimate Writer who once outlined you and put a pen in your hand.

Thanks in advance,

a Reader.


6 thoughts on “The Power of Creation

  1. Put It Together 4 U

    Wow! Was this written to me??? 😀 Well, I wasn’t going to write about a teenage vampire, but I get it. LOL! Poignant writing. Loved it!

    ~ Angela

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