Death in the Time of Bureaucracy

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This morning I found a letter in my box. It read:

Dear Mr. Hideousheart,

please note that the Grim Reaper will be on strike until May, 07. We are pleased to inform You that any decease dating from May, 05 to the above-mentioned date will not be considered valid. You are therefore entitled to appeal within 24 hours from receipt of this message. A written application must be submitted by registered mail, together with a death certificate.


The Ministry of Grief.

I had to tell Dad. But, will the graveyard keepers let me in, and open the burial recess for me?


Written in response to Writing 101, Day Five: Be Brief


14 thoughts on “Death in the Time of Bureaucracy

  1. Put It Together 4 U

    I enjoyed that! Just the thought of death being suspended for ANY reason excites me. Was that the purpose? Am I getting much too giddy over a non-reality? (Giggles)

    Very nicely done – as always – This Hideous Heart! 😀

    ~ Angela

    • I got the idea of death on strike from a novel by Saramago. I was also thinking about my father’s passing away and the paperwork complications it caused.
      Before hitting the “publish” button I hesitated wondering if this was going to be disrespectful towards my dad (death is a serious matter), but in the end I decided to do it. To me, the purpose of this “mini-story” is satire against the thick-headed jobsworths who caused distress to me and my family for futile reasons when we were already having trouble.
      I even had an article published by a local paper at the time, which went completely unnoticed because I didn’t mention any names for fear of retaliation. Maybe instead of that full page of ranting I should have submitted this!

      • Put It Together 4 U

        I send my condolences to you. I lost my father just over a month ago, so your feelings resonate deeply with me regarding the depth of your writing and the difficulties associated with death. I personally feel you did your father’s memory justice here. Again, I say: Nicely done.

      • I really appreciate and am flattered by the nomination, especially since it comes from someone who actually read posts on my blog and left useful tips and feedback on them. But I have chosen to keep my blog free from “chain” blog awards. However, I did comply with one of the award rules and followed your blog.

      • Put It Together 4 U

        😀 I appreciate your response and understand your reasoning. Thank you for the new follow! I enjoy being connected to you through your writings.

        Have a great week ahead!

        ~ Angela

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