Playground, 3 Colours

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Green – the grass is all around me, in the public green near my childhood home. I’m three years old. The garden is small, but looks immense to me. However, my visual field is now limited to a very narrow area: the part of bench I’m skinning.

Red – the paint is red. I scrape it. it comes away in flakes. This is the funniest game I’ve ever played. I’d go on forever picking at it. I’m so busy right now, but I’ll soon get restless.

Silver – the metal dome I’m going to climb when I’m done with the bench. I’m not afraid of anything yet. In the future, the usual traumas and social fears will make me overcautious: but now, the slippery smoothness of the iron tubes is the only obstacle to my ascent!


Written in response to Writing 101, Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)


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