I’ve just finished throwing away old pictures from my student years. About 130 of them, from the yellow album. I thought about keeping some to undergo a second screening, but then I thought, no, I won’t waste more time doing this, two hours of my time are enough. See, it’s not general time we are discussing here – it’s MY time. My limited, precious time. What’s the cost of time? I guess it depends on demand and supply, like for everything else. Supply is scarce at this point in my life. So, they all went into the paper shredder.

Your photos were the first to go: they’ve been there for over a decade, and suddenly I can’t see why 20 pictures of your wedding of 14 years ago, most of which don’t even include me, still take up space in my album. Space, precious space, vital space. What’s the cost of space? Invaluable. That’s why we declutter at crucial times in our lives. One is enough to remind me of you, and make it clear to posterity that I did have friends at 20.

Moreover, I don’t have to keep pictures of people I don’t like or see any more. They surely haven’t kept mine. Ex-boyfriends, ex-best friend, not-quite-friends, friends of friends, schoolmates who surely can’t even remember my name. The seasoned colleague at your hen party who didn’t like my bangs, unsolicited advice – mind your own business. The poser couple with fig leaves behind the ear, your mother who recognises me only when it’s time to boast about your news, or pay me with a currency I can’t even spend. She refunded me because I’m the last moment underwear rescuer, remember? The bride needs underwear!

Bu you weren’t even present at my wedding. In fact, you don’t even know I got married, and with whom. Here he comes now, picks up some random photos from the table, asks what I’m up to.

“Can I see?”

“Sure you can, I have nothing to hide”.

He’ll never end up in the shredder. This is someone’s sister, that is my roommate’s pet rabbit, and this one…this one, I have no clue who she is.

Blank pages empty pages to fill up with shiny happy lively memories in high resolution, that’s what I expect from life now.


Written in response to Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind


6 thoughts on “Decluttering

  1. Really like how you made it into an actual story/scene rather than just spewing thoughts like a lot of us are doing! Very well done, and as someone else said, it flows very well. 🙂

    • Thank you, although I realized afterwards that maybe “just spewing thoughts” was the right way to do this assignment. I probably did too much editing. I saw several people did a great job of writing a real stream of consciousness!

      • The way I see it, you can tackle the tasks how you like. Whatever’s the most fun for you. Although, the task structure shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with more free-writing if you wanted! 🙂

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